This project called 25th AGM is a six part movie that was made during my internship employment at First Monetary in Manhattan New York. Every year the company has an windows_movie_maker_logoannual shareholder's meeting in Bermuda and this particular year the CEO of the company wanted to make the 25th AGM special and give back to those who have participated in the event over the years. For the 25th AGM anniversary the CEO decided to make a video of the past 25 years which included the company's birth up until the present day. There are over 1000 photos pinnacle_logo included in the movie that were all scanned and edited by myself and Gabe Aponte. Gabe and I worked on the 25th AGM video for many hours over a 2 month span and put a lot of time and effort into making it. This was my first project where I was introduced into using Pinnacle Studio Software and absolutely love it. Besides Pinnacle Software, the 25th AGM video is also made with Windows Movie Maker, and a little Adobe Flash. Enjoy!

25TH AGM PART 1 of 6
25TH AGM PART 2 of 6
25TH AGM PART 3 of 6
25TH AGM PART 4 of 6
25TH AGM PART 5 of 6
25TH AGM PART 6 of 6

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